Local League: Milton Keynes 9 – 3 Uni of East Anglia

Another local league game against a student team. UEA arrived in a TARDIS of a minibus with 21 players somehow coming out of an 18-seater bus. They actually also had one car following but still a good effort to get that many players and lacrosse equipment along the A11 to escape the wilds of Norfolk.

MK vs UEA, Oct 21st 2018
MK vs UEA, Oct 21st 2018

Whilst strong on numbers, the UEA squad did include many beginners. They have done a great job promoting lacrosse around the university and today’s game followed a win in their opening Wednesday BUCS game.

The first period comprised of long periods of possession from both teams, but little that would worry either goalie. MK finally scored through Jack Gambrill to go into the break 1-0 up. UEA got their game moving in the 2nd quarter, with both teams scoring twice. With novice players in both squads there were a few unforced turnovers and many golden opportunities to create a shooting chance, if only the player with the ball could find a team mate who was wide open in front of goal.

MK’s Matt Sawyer dialled in his shooting radar in the 3rd quarter with 3 goals as MK pulled ahead to lead 8-3. Defender Aaron Day scored a beauty following an end-to-end run dicing through some UEA challenges.

All was looking good for the home team until MK goalie Eliot Pugh saved a shot and went down in a heap. He had been hit in the privates, somehow missing his protective cup. He was in some serious pain and the game was paused for 5 minutes as he gathered himself. He’s tough but something was not right and he could not continue into the 4th quarter. Assistant referee, Brett Satchell, who’s nursing an ankle injury, put on the goalie pads and played out the game while Eliot went off to A&E with his wife and kids.

The final period was mostly MK controlling the ball and managing the game clock. UEA did force Brett to make a couple of saves and Jack Gambrill scored his 4th goal, ending up top scorer in the game.

INJURY UPDATE: Eliot suffered severe bruising in the nether-regions. Severe enough to require some morphine and an overnight stay in MK hospital. He was discharged Sunday afternoon but recovery time is unclear at the moment. Much will depend on how quickly the bruising subsides and when he can walk again without too much pain.

Eliot Pugh in MK hospital
Eliot Pugh in MK hospital

Game Stats
9:3 (1:0, 3:2, 8:3, 9:3)
MK Man-to-the-Match: Matt Sawyer
MK D-of-the-Day: Corey Jamieson

MK Scorers
#88 Jack Gambrill x 4
#29 Matt Sawyer x 3
#5 Ben Amos
#3 Aaron Day