Box Lacrosse

The fastest and most exciting format of lacrosse. Played as a 6-a-side, with rolling player substitutions with an enclosed venue with side boards (dashers) at roller hockey, covered (or melted) ice hockey stadiums or bespoke lacrosse box lacrosse venues.

There are monthly sessions run by SBL (see below) at the Oxford Academy, about an hour drive from Milton Keynes.

Here in MK, we run occasional box lacrosse sessions on enclosed 3G fields such as at Shenley Leisure Centre. This video from May 2021 gives a flavour of the action.

Southern Box Lacrosse (SBL)

We are linked with the Southern Box Lacrosse programme, established in 2018, to help grow box lacrosse in the South of England. Players from the MK club regularly attend their events, play in the SBL Winter League during December and January, and join the SBL Capitals team at box lacrosse tournaments held in the UK and Europe.

Do You Play Ice Hockey?

Ice hockey and lacrosse, especially box lacrosse are high tempo, physical team sports that have similar elements to the game. Both sports use the strategy of developing odd-man situations to create scoring opportunities. Hockey players excel at lacrosse, and also become better hockey players. Read more.

Here’s a great video following the 2017 Ales Hrebesky tournament by LaxAllStars.

Professional box lacrosse from North America