MK Pick-Up Sixes Tournament 2024

The MK club is hosting a pick-up sixes lacrosse tournament inside the 3G dome at their homw ground in Woughton on the Green. Saturday 30th March, 2-5pm.

The tournament is open to any lacrosse player registered with England Lacrosse and will only cost £10pp to enter.

Instead of the traditional “team” winning/losing, the tournament format is to gain individual points over a series of 8-minute periods of play. The proposed points system is the following.

Win period5
Draw period2
Lose period, scoring half or more goals of the winning team1
Lose period, scoring less than half the goals of the winning team0
Penalties, each 30 secs-2
Goalie concedes 4 or less goals2
Goalie concede 2 or less goals2

As a runner, if you are on the winning team for an 8-minute period, score 3 goals, assist 2 goals and get one minor (30 sec) penalty then you’ll score 8 points.

As a runner, if you are on the losing team for an 8-minute period, score 2 goals, assist 1 goal and the final score was your team lost 5-7 then you get a losing bonus point, so you would score 4 points.

As a goalie, if you are on the winning team for an 8-minute period and concede 7 goals, you score 5 points. If you concede 5 goals, you score 7 points. If you concede 2 goals, you score 9 points.

After each period, the teams will be re-drafted based on points. The leading points scorer will be on Team A, 2nd place Team B, 3rd place Team A, etc. Players on the same points will be listed alphabetically.

Player Entires

To register, email with your name and if you are a goalie or a runner. Payment of £10pp will be collected on arrival by card or cash.

31 players registered, as of 28th March (G denotes goalie):

Callum Stocker, Daniel Fagan (G), Connor Buddy, Will Howarth, Kane Roderique-Walker, Dan Martin (G), Harvey Moden, Alex Graham, Rob Hebden, Tyler Rodberg, Danny An Khoi Vu, Riki Crussell, Lewis Downey, Tav Yung, Helena Prettyman, Lauren Lewis, Russell Farrer, Matt Morgan, Michael Florentz, Theodore Butler, George Breese, Sean Paton, James Cole, Harrison Barrow, Stephen Kilby, Jack Taylor (G), James Lloyd (G), Dylan Hollinshead, Jake Austin, Connor Burton, William Murfitt