Milton Keynes at Reading LC

The scheduled league game at Hitchin was postponed and will be rescheduled so the majority of the MK team travelled down to Reading LC to play a 3-way series of games.

Our two opponents were a Reading LC team comprising of a mix of Reading University and Reading club players, plus a ‘blue’ team comprising of 6th form students from a local Reading school with a few more experienced players from the Reading club.

Teams played each other twice, in short 15 minute games, so the net game time was akin to a full field game.

MK had a great day, winning three games and one draw. All the midfield and attack players scored goals. The defence was solid only conceding four goals all day.

Many thanks to Reading LC for inviting us down.

MK at Reading, Nov 2018
MK at Reading, Nov 2018

MK, from left-to-right were;

Tom Carter, Ben Nightingale, Matt Sawyer, Josh Smith, Patrick Land, Aaron Day, Rob Gooch and Corey Jamieson

MK’s man-of-the-day was Matt Sawyer who was super reliable in midfield, scoring a few, controlling the tempo and with great defence against the trickier players we faced today.

MK d-of-the day was the absent Jack Gambrill, who had the shortest journey across to Reading but left us a man short in attack so we borrowed a player from the non-playing team for each game… so thanks to Phil, Nathan and Ollie for putting on the green of MK today.