SEMLA League: Milton Keynes 3 – 6 Camden Capybaras

Camden Capybaras blew hot for 90 seconds in the 3rd quarter, against an otherwise faultless MK defence.

With the score at 2-3, Camden scored on a delayed penalty. Lesson #1 for MK; keep playing after a flag is thrown and don’t stop until the referee blows a whistle. With an MK defender now in the penalty box for a 1 minute personal foul, Camden quickly realised the MK man-down defence was disorganised. Two quick passes later, Camden had a time & space shot and scored again. With still plenty of time left on the penalty they won the restart, went back into attack, and scored a third just as the MK penalty was released. Bang, bang, bang. It was now 2-6 to the visitors. Lesson #2 for MK; on-field leaders need to take control and organise the man-down defence. There’s plenty of time to do that… the time it takes for the offending player to trundle off the field.

MK 3 - 6 Camden
MK 3 – 6 Camden

If not for that poor 90 seconds, MK would of make Camden really fight to remain unbeaten so far this season. There were two further man-down situations for MK, both were defended almost to perfection.

Everything else about MK today was amongst the best we’ve seen in a league game this season. Our novice players, Will and Kyle, never let us down in defence and got into the right positions when on the attack. On debut was Daniel, ex-Uni of Lincoln. He’d not played for a while so needed to blow out some rust but was getting back into his flow by the end of the game. Our problem remains supporting Jack in attack. Josh and Hutch played up there today and we were very glad for it, but both are more natural in midfield. Hopefully Brett will be back from an ankle injury soon to fill the lefty attack slot. From there we need someone who can rip a shot from 10+ metres or someone who can take on a long-stick defender and force a defensive slide. If anyone is out there this either of these on their lacrosse CV then please get in touch.

Game Stats
3:6 (0:1, 2:3, 2:6, 3:6)
MK Man-to-the-Match: Josh Smith
MK D-of-the-Day: Ben Amos

MK Scorers
#29 Matt Sawyer x 2
#88 Jack Gambrill

MK were;
Goal: Eliot Pugh
Defence: Aaron Day, Pat Land, Bradley Durrant
Midfield: Matt Sawyer, Corey Jamieson, Ben Amos, Will Marrable, Kyle Mackie, Daniel Willson
Attack: Jack Gambrill, Josh Smith, James Hutchinson
Referee Crew: Rob Gooch, Brett Satchell, Jonny Prince (CBO)