League: Epsom 6 – 4 Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes had realistic expectations of losing today against unbeaten Epsom with a thin travelling squad that was quite light with offensive threats. As it turned out thoughts were more on how this could of been a win as we narrowly lost 6-4.

MK scored first through Miles Everett and held the one goal lead through to quarter time. The 11-man MK squad was on top against the much larger Epsom contingent.

Epsom came to life in the second quarter scoring 4 goals. The MK defence had temporarily forgotten how to slide (leave your man to challenge someone who’s just beaten your team mate).

The third quarter was tied 2-2 but Epsom held that two goal cushion for the rest of the game thanks to a scoreless final 20 minutes where both teams defences held firm.

Miles and John Horbury both got two goals for MK, but the whole team contributed. Middies took turns in attack, where we were missing some key players. Our clearing (from goalie to midfield to attack) has improved this season and each middie today played their part in running the hard yards up-field with the ball. All the offensive players were positive in what they tried even if it didn’t work out. Ollie Baines dodged and got into dangerous positions many times today but again tried running through a couple of defenders and ended up on his back. Whilst Epsom are not the quickest team in the division, they all know how to hit.

Man-of-the-Match: Miles Everitt, joint top scorer and endless commitment to take on his opponent. Whilst it did not work every time, you’re not going to score if you don’t try. Strongest game from Miles in MK colours this season.

D-of-the-Day #1: Phil Jervis, for oversleeping, waking up 30 minutes before game time but alas lives the opposite side of London so was never going to make the game. He was bringing a new player with him so this meant MK were 2 players down before we even started. Phil will enjoy his DoD drink at his next game.

D-of-the-Day #2: Ben Amos, who was in the frame for man-of-the-match with some strong face-off play until he tried to run around the crease to possibly try some kind of YouTube crease dive goal. We all saw him make the move from behind the goal, cross the goal-line extended, but before he could even think about getting a shot off, he was crushed by THREE Epsom defenders. Ben was down on the grass, motionless for a few seconds before he got up, dusted himself off, and staggered back to the bench to recover. He was back in the action a few minutes later.

Game Stats
6:4 (0:1, 4:2, 6:4, 6:4)

MK Goals:
John Horbury (2)
Miles Everitt (2)