MK on either end of nail-biters in January

There’s nothing like a close game of any sport, especially when you come out on top. Two one-goal games this month for MK, a loss and a win.

Milton Keynes 3 – 4 London University

Report to be written.

Game Stats
3-4 (0-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-4)
MK Scorers: #24, #10, #29

Welwyn 2s 9 – 10 Milton Keynes

MK travelled with a light squad for a 4pm floodlight game down in Hatfield against Welwyn Warriors 2nd team. With many players away or otherwise unavailable, the MK squad was down to 7 players – that’s the bare minimum for a game. However the SEMLA ‘pool player’ system helped us out and Welwyn agreed we could play 3 extras, all of whom had played a game for their regular teams earlier in the day. Goalie Thomas and defender Andrew had just finished their game for Cambridge Uni, on the same field, against Welwyn’s 1st team. Poncho, an ex-Welwyn player, travelled up from north London after playing with Camden. Many thanks to Welwyn for letting us play with these guys, giving us 10 players to avoid a constant man-down situation.

Welwyn scored first, almost from the gun which gave everyone a shot in the arm. MK responded, and responded with some of the best lacrosse we’ve played in a long time. Good ball movement created space for MK to score five unanswered goals to go into the half with a healthy 5-1 lead.

MK tried to control the second half but it ended up being a case of just holding on. Welwyn’s extra numbers started to count as they rolled fresh players in and out of midfield and the MK legs tired. MK’s player/coach Gooch has started in midfield, and was loving it, until his ageing legs started to give up. He switched into defence, swapping with Prince.

On debut today for MK was defender Joshua Smith (not to be confused with the other Josh Smith, ex-Trent, with the club…) who played at university up north. He had a very solid game and quickly slotted into the team defence. He’s going to be around for the rest of the season so with Prince and Gooch, will give MK a solid backline for our remaining games.

MK held a two-goal cushion as the game clock ticked down but Welwyn had all the momentum. They scored again. MK called their final timeout. Prince picked up his long D stick again and MK went into a 4-pole look with a long-stick midfield player. Wow, did this work. Prince won a loose ball near the halfway line and sprinted up-field. He saw a gap in their defence and charged into it, wound up for the shot and fired into the bottom corner. Boom! A two goal lead again and some breathing space. Welwyn did score again and had the final possession with 11 seconds left but could not develop a shooting chance and MK came away has happy winners.

Game Stats
9-10 (1-3, 1-5, 3-6, 9-10)
MK Scorers: #36, #35, #29, #27