League: Milton Keynes 9 – 5 Epsom 2’s

Milton Keynes closed out the first half of the season undefeated after a 9-5 win over Epsom’s 2nd team.

The wind was howling across the Stantonbury fields astro. A heavy metal tube and two kit bags were still not enough to stop the far goal from blowing over twice during the game but luckily it never negatively affected game play. MK started strong with a goal in the first 5 seconds courtesy of Carl-Peter who won the face-off and charged hard direct to the goal. Jack scored the second, followed by an epic from long pole Danny Adams who danced the length of the field then buried the shot. MK were on a roll.

Epsom then controlled a good chunk of possession and scored twice – we had a game on our hands.

Only one goal was scored in the 2nd quarter, but MK hit the post three times and it felt like we’d pulled ahead, but Epsom has other ideas and in the 3rd quarter as they levelled the scores 5-5, thanks to a combination of good play from Epsom and an MK team that had taken it’s foot off the gas. Our passing accuracy dropped, we started making bad decisions (like passing 20+ meters into a head wind) and we could not pick up the ball. This was exactly what we needed though for the last league game before the Christmas / mid-season break, a close game.

Before the final quarter we sorted out the ship. Concentration levels needed to be upped. Passes shortened. Effort back to 100%. We delivered with four goals to bring home the win.

Result and Quarter Scores
9:5 (3:2, 1:0, 1:3, 4:0)

MK Scorers
Carl-Peter Lian (4 goals)
Richard Euerby (2)
Jack Gambrill (1)
Danny Adams (1)
Kyle Pim (1)