Autumn Training 2014

Our Autumn (or “Fall”, for our North Atlantic readers) training programme begins on Sunday 14th September 2014.

Shenley Leisure Centre Astro
Shenley Leisure Centre Astro

We will again use the lower enclosed astro pitch at Shenley Leisure Centre, from 8-9pm each Sunday evening during the Autumn. The programme will run for 12 weeks, with an option to extend into December if required.

Extended by 2 weeks. Final session will be Sunday 14th December 2014. We’ll restart training again in January.

The astro is the sand-based variety so screw-in studded boots are not suitable. Regular running shoes or cleats with small molded studs are required. The astro is fully enclosed with a wooden perimeter and high mesh fencing, so no balls can be lost. Plus, when we want to, we can play indoor/box game-like scenarios with rebounds off the side walls.

The full address is;

Shenley Leisure Centre
Burchard Crescent
Shenley Church End

Cost will be £4 per player, per session. You can pay-as-you-go or pay £40 up-front giving you 2 free sessions if you attend all 12.

Training is open to beginner, novice or experienced players, men or women, adult or youth (aged 14+). Youth players under 14 years can be accommodated but the club coach will want to speak to a parent/guardian first to assess suitability given training will be with adult players. Players from other lacrosse clubs in the area are very welcome to join us at Milton Keynes training – in fact we’d encourage it!

Car parking is behind the leisure centre, and conveniently, right next to the entrance to the astro. Whilst the leisure centre has changing rooms, most will find it easier to arrive ready to run and shower when back at home.

Training will be run by club coach, Robert Gooch, assisted by other experienced players from the club where required.