6-a-side / box game Sunday 26th May

We are sounding out interest in playing a one-off 6-a-side / box lacrosse game on Sunday 26th May, 7:30-8:30pm in Milton Keynes.

The venue is;

Fyfield Barrow
Walnut Tree
Milton Keynes

It’s no more than 10 mins drive from the M1 Jct 13.

The club wants to test a possible venue for such games, a wooden wall enclosed outdoor PowerLeague 7-a-side football pitch with high mesh netting that will stop stray balls. The venue management are open to non-football being played on their pitches and know we are a lacrosse club.

There is a single pitch at the MK PowerLeague venue that’s maybe suitable for box lacrosse, so we’ll give it a go!

The venue is not perfect, as in it’s not an ice hockey rink, so no bench areas and square corners, hence the test game. Milton Keynes does have a hockey rink but it’s ice all year around due to the large local ice hockey community.

If the venue works, and there is sufficient interest from players, then some more 6-a-side/box lacrosse could be organised for this summer.

For this first test game, we’ll play 6-a-side field lacrosse rules, not box rules, using field goals (as we don’t have the smaller box goals). Goalies will play with field lacrosse equipment. Outfield players must have at least stick, helmet and gloves. Controlled use of the side walls will be allowed, but no cross checks, moving picks/interference or other stuff that you can get away with in box rules (which we all saw and loved via the on-line TV feed from the recent Aleš Hřebeský Memorial).