League: Welwyn 2’s 9 – 8 Milton Keynes

Another one goal defeat is difficult to take but yet again MK were on the wrong end of a nail biting game. Deep into the 4th quarter, MK levelled the scored at 8-8, had a good chance to take the lead but Welwyn won back the ball and scored down the other end after some frantic play from both teams. The referee called 30 seconds left to play. MK threw out their 6 best offensive players, won the face-off and moved the ball into attack. Two or three passes later, Giles Cuddy had the ball in the right attack slot, dodged his defender but the slide was fast so he had no option other than bulldoze towards the goal and try a crease dive finish. The ball ballooned the back of the net and the MK bench went crazy but the referee called a crease violation. That was probably the right call as Giles cannot float on air but it was oh so close. The final whistle blew, Welwyn celebrated, MK were utterly deflated. But that’s why we play sport; winning 20-0 each week would be a nice change but would get boring after a while.

MK welcomed five new players for this game. Already mentioned is Giles Cuddy, ex-Hillcroft and champion of the Dreadlax touring team. He’s now working at Stowe School near Buckingham so will hopefully make more games this season, school sports schedule permitting. Phil Jervis, an ex-Bath player played all game in defence. Finally a trio of players from Leicester University will be playing with us as much as their travel logistics allow. All three are solid players starting with George Bascom in defence (see man-of-the-match), Charlie Joyce in midfield and Frederick Larsson who starting in midfield then moved to attack the second half. It was also great to welcome Max Pennell back into the fold who played a few games last season and played with great energy as LSM and in midfield for the final quarter.

The whole MK squad contributed today. Everyone made the odd mistake, but the commitment and teamwork was plain to see. Wins will come this season, hopefully starting next Saturday away to Oxford.

Highlights Video (via Facebook) – Highlights video

Man-of-the-Match: George Bascom, a stand-out defensive performance wearing MK colours for the first time. Put in some solid checks and even got a couple of shots off in transition.

D-of-the Day: Ollie Baines, for his first game back after a silly self-inflicted hand injury, but mainly because of some over excited “lightsaber” moments, however great to have him back on the lacrosse field.

Game Stats
9:8 (2:1, 5:3, 7:5, 9:8)

MK Goals:
Andy Kenyon (2)
Giles Cuddy (3)
Frederick Larsson (3)

The referee’s perspective…

Both teams were very eager to score from the first whistle. Every ball from the face off was contested with both teams having equal possession and equal scoring opportunities. Welwyn took the early lead by one goal at quarter time.

MK tried hard in the second quarter, Welwyn managed to keep them at bay with a strong defence and MK were still two goals down at half time. MK are a mix of ‘old hands’ and new players and they didn’t let Welwyn’s lead worry them. The whole game was end to end stuff with some great plays from both teams.

Both teams have a strong defence, in particular MK long pole George Bascom who was all over the Welwyn attack and kept them out in the third quarter. He also provided some great midfield clears from the big MK keeper who easily plucked passes out of the air. However they were still two goals down at the end of the third.

MK came out firing on all cylinders in the fourth and made a great comeback to equalise at 7 – 7. with only a few minutes left on the clock both teams upped their game and each scored again to make it 8 – 8.

With short time on the clock both teams fought hard for every ball and it went end to end with shots just going wide. Welwyn got the turnover, took the ball down and scored making it 9 – 8.

MK regained possession of the ball in the dying seconds of the game…….Giles ran down the field, took a shot and scored. Unfortunately the goal was disallowed as the player had a foot in the crease. The final whistle blew one second later.

Welwyn are also a mix of ‘old hands’ and new players, which meant that both teams were evenly matched There were very few penalties in the game….and it was a thrilling game to referee as it went right down to the wire!

It was an absolute pleasure to ref these teams, no back chatting, no complaining just well played hard fought lacrosse. I look forward to reffing for you again sometime soon.