Friendly: Milton Keynes 1- 5 Welwyn 2’s

No league game this weekend so we invited the Welwyn Warriors 2nd team up to MK to play a friendly. The Welwyn team are in the lower half of the division above MK so this game was a perfect opportunity to get ready for our two final league games against Brighton and Cambridge in the next two weeks.

What MK lacked in goals we made up for in all around hustle, work rate, commitment and great defence to prevent Welwyn scoring any goals in the 2nd half and only 1 goal in the 2nd quarter.

Two players on full MK debut, Will Nelson and Paul Nicholls. Both played great, learning quickly from novice mistakes and got loads of game time.

Jack’s single goal early in the game extends his lead as MK’s top scorer this season. One of Jack’s co-attack players, Brett Satchell, switched into goal for the second half and was the obvious man of the match with a clean sheet. Brett’s move unleashed Pat Land from his usual goalie spot for a slice of the long stick defence action. Pat was as excited as a puppy going for a walk as he waved around the 6 foot defensive stick. He was desperate to put on a good showing given what happened before the game… when he shut his car boot on Charlie Allen’s fingers, ouch!

Game Stats
1:5 (1:4, 1:5, 1:5, 1:5)
MK Goals:
#88 Jack Gambrill

MK Man-to-the-Match: Brett Satchell
MK D-of-the-Day: Patrick Land