League: Brighton Panthers 18 – 5 Milton Keynes

The longest road game of the season saw 11 men of Milton Keynes travel down to the University of Brighton campus in Eastbourne to face a massive 19-man squad of the Panthers comprising of their usual experienced players plus loads of novice students. Alas their better players are better than ours and their greater man-power won the day with the fourth quarter a blowout.

Ignoring the final 20 minutes, MK competed well, albeit always chasing the game. With no recognised goalie available, Brett Satchell stepped between the pipes and had high velocity shots pinging all corners of his goal for most of the game. It’s never fun without an experienced goalie so many thanks to Brett for volunteering.

On debut for MK today was Ian Bradley. He stepped into the slot vacated by Brett, in attack, and certainly got into the action. It always takes a few games to directly experience what you can and cannot do on a lacrosse field. When he wasn’t in the penalty box he made very few throwing and catching errors and will soon understand the rules!

The rest of the MK squad were the usual faces in the usual places and everyone gave 100% but with one only sub, once we tired, Brighton turned on the gas and dominated. We’ll see them again twice now this season, both in MK. First in the flags (cup) and then for the final league game of the season. With more evenly sized squads, and Pat back in the MK goal, we’ll be looking for two wins.

MK Squad
Brett Satchell, Rob Gooch, Aaron Day, Ben Nightingale, Ben Amos, Corey Jamieson, Toby Jeffries, Matt Sawyer, Ian Bradley, Jack Gambrill & Rhys Kelham

Game Stats
18:5 (3:1, 7:3, 9:4, 18:5)
MK Goals:
#88 Jack Gambrill x 2
#12 Corey Jamieson x 2
#21 Toby Jeffries

MK Man-to-the-Match: Toby Jeffries + Corey Jamieson
MK D-of-the-Day: Ian Bradley