League: London University 22 – 4 Milton Keynes

This game was played in Milton Keynes but was a tough day for those in green as we played short-handed all game. London Uni could not provide a referee so instead of cancelling the game Christian stood down to referee (many thanks to him). Then add MK goalie Nathan getting injured just before the weekend we were down a goalie. Finally Danny was hoping to play after attending his morning graduation ceremony at Buckingham Uni but alas that became a full day (& night) of commitments so he also could not play. This left MK with 9 players (1 short) against a strong London University team. They may of had issues early in the season which has prevented them having a strong run in the league but they have won through to the Flags Final and will be firm favourites to beat Cheltenham on April 1st in Reading.

The quarter scores tell the tale. MK started OK when legs were fresh but got overrun when players started to tire. It’s all good experience though and won’t be happening again this season.

On the plus side, results elsewhere mean MK should finish in 4th position in East Division Two this season. Epsom and Spencer 3’s have secured promotion. London University and Oxford Iroquois will be relegated.

Game Stats
22:4 (4:2, 8:4, 15:4, 22:4)

MK Goals
#47 Andy Kenyon (2)
#88 Jack Gambrill
Tom Duggan