League: Spencer 3’s 17 – 3 Milton Keynes

MK got properly thrashed for the first time this season against 2nd place Spencer 3’s on a sunny day in South London. Plenty of excuses, which will come later, but the home side were much the better team.

Sorry, can’t wait any more… here come the excuses.

First up, MK were missing a whopping 19 players who have played this season. We somehow managed to get 11 players to this game, albeit three with flu (did we mention that?) and one who sneaked away from a stag do and would join up with them again after the game. We had no recognised goalie, we have three on our books but all were unavailable. Christian, normally a defender, volunteered to step in. It’s not an easy position to play so quite a few of the Spencer goals were fairly soft, especially early in the game. Christian slowly got into the rhythm of playing in goal and made some telling saves in the second half. Some with the stick, most with feet, arms and legs. In the spirit of lacrosse, two players from the Spencer 4’s team (who had no game) joined the MK squad. Both ran midfield, were most welcome and enjoyed the experience of East Div 2 lacrosse, even if on the losing team.

Chris Webborn
Chris Webborn

So excuses over. At times MK played well. We drew the 3rd quarter 2-2. We never gave up. However there were periods of disorganisation, miss-communication or just poor play that let Spencer score flurries of goals. Their first two goals were both within the first minute of play. Their last three goals were in the last minute of play while MK’s Aaron Day was in the penalty box for a head check.

All three MK goals were from the stick of Chris Webborn, including two from man-up situations. He won the man-of-the match vote, with defenders Aaron Day and Giles Cuddy close second.

D-of-the-day went to Chris’ attack partner Jack Gambrill. Jack missed two sitters from the crease (i.e. right in front of goal) and tripped over his own feet while running to get the ball in comedic fashion. Others challenging Jack for today’s award included; Alex Parker for running straight past the ball on the floor to get back into defence; Rhys Kelham for making a great catch and shot that bounced off the goalies chest. He looked into the air in frustration as the ball rebounded right in front of him. With no idea where the ball was, a Spencer player walked up to him, picked up the ball and ran it downfield; finally the trio of Rob Gooch, Corey Jamieson and Alex Parker who all had flu, not that anyone would of known as they did not mention it once.

Game Stats
17:3 (6:0, 10:1, 12:3, 17:3)

MK Goals
Chris Webborn (3)