Local League: University of East Anglia 4 – 3 Milton Keynes

A low scoring game, scrappy in places, especially in the first quarter. UEA jumped to a two goal lead early on as MK pressured too high up the field, leading to defenders getting turned and multiple UEA players running free towards goal. Coach Gooch sorted that out at quarter time and from there in the MK was solid, just conceding one man-down goal and one from open play.

MK’s problem, and the tale of the season, was scoring goals. Added to that our unforced turnover count was way too high with misplaces passes, too high, too low or just bad. There’s nothing more energy sapping than legging it back to defend after an attacking phase breaks down early after a cheap turnover. By the 4th quarter the MK midfield line was gassed and this was a big factor in our inability to find the equalising goal.

The goalless final 20 minutes gave UEA the win. MK just could not create enough worthy shooting chances but still plenty of positives from the game.

Man of the match was a clear vote for defender Ben Nightingale playing in goal. Not far behind was Ben Amos who won every face-off. The other award was going to be shared by Corey Jamieson and Rob Gooch. Corey for two unnecessary personal fouls. Rob for stressing the need to improve our passing, then throwing the ball a metre over Hutch’s head! However a late decision in the bar  by Dan Willson to leave early to see “other friends” forced a re-vote. Who has “other friends” on a lacrosse Saturday?

A shout goes out to teenager Laurence Nichols Cook, Jacob’s younger brother, playing his first competitive game for MK (both played in the friendly vs Spencer last weekend). Both first played lacrosse as juniors with the Hitchin club. MK look forward to seeing howLaurence’s game progresses now during the second half of the season. Alas his brother Jacob heads back to Nottingham Trent Uni but hopefully he’ll be back for a game or two before the end of the season.

Game Stats
4:3 (2:1, 2:2, 4:3, 4:3)
MK Man-to-the-Match: Ben Nightingale
MK D-of-the-Day: Dan Willson

MK Scorers
Jack Gambrill x 2
Jacob Nichols Cook