League: Milton Keynes 6 – 13 Guildford Gators

A killer of a game from the Milton Keynes perspective. All square at 4-4 going into half-time. MK scored a 5th goal at the start of the second half and should of had 3 or 4 more from golden opportunities but for reasons beyond belief, some shots were missing the goal from 5 metres out. This all started to loosen the proverbial bolts holding on the MK wheels. Then the wheels totally fell off!

Guildford scored 4 quick very simple goals. Each time it was a Guildford midfielder with the ball 30 metres in front of goal. The MK defence was absolutely static applying no pressure to the ball carrier. It was a simple case of dodging the first defender (who was lined up all wrong, allowing the Guildford player to dodge left or right – something we go through at training almost every week!) then take 2, 3 or 4 strides towards the MK, realise not a single MK player is aware of what’s going on, and shoot to score. After each goal, the MK players all look at each other saying “wasn’t my fault, I was on my man”. Yes, everyone was on their man but a team mate had just got dodged so someone has to react and challenge (“slide” to) the Guildford player with the ball.

Why this sudden inability to play proper lacrosse? Captain Jack Gambrill eventually called a timeout – about 3 goals too late. There were two underlying problems today. First, a team-wide lack of fitness. MK had played well in the first half when fresh. Everyone’s game had dropped off in the second half while Guildford still had loads of energy. Second was some game rustiness from a few players who haven’t played or trained for weeks.

The fourth quarter was a disaster. MK just made a bunch of bad decisions resulting in low percentage shots or turnovers. Guildford had all the momentum and stuck in the knife with 4 unanswered goals.

All smiles before this horrible defeat

Game Stats
6:13 (3:1, 4:4, 6:9, 6:13)
MK Goals:
#16 Chris Webborn x 2
#00 Bobbie Ingham-Clark x 2
#3 Aaron Day
#10 Toby Jeffries

MK Man-to-the-Match: Toby Jeffries
MK D-of-the-Day: Jack Gambrill