League: Guildford 12 – 6 Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes travelled to Guildford for their next league game two weeks since the last due a bye in the cup last week. MK travelled with 10 regular players but picked up two defence players from Brunel (Hugh and  Christian) and a friend of Jeffries(John). The 13 men of MK met a team of 19 players from Guildford, some of who had played for England Senior and Junior teams.

MK got off to a shaky start but had some good play eventually gaining a goal from Jeffries. The score at the end of the 1st Quarter was 3-1 to Guildford but MK certainly were not out of the game!

The 2nd Quarter came with the return of the curse of MK having a terrible quarter with the attack barely getting the ball. Some good defence play however kept the goals fairly low eventually letting Guildford score 4 more taking the score 7-1 at the Half. Most of the Guildford goals came from fast breaks and having an extra 6 pairs of legs.

A quick chat at the break from captain Gambrill, vice Jamieson and lead D Day led to an improved 3rd quarter. Alas, MK were still unable to score and let Guildford in again two more times with the game starting to look beyond reach.

With the score going into the 4th 9-1 to Guildford, there was nothing to lose and MK threw everything at them. MoM Jeffriesdecided to wake up again managing to pop up and score 3 back to back goals as well as assisting Gambrill and Jamieson for a goal each. Guildford were shocked at this sudden awakening from MK that they called a panicked time-out which took the wind out of the sails of MK but with 3 and a half minutes left it was too late for MK to make any more real impact.

The game eventually finished 12-6 to Guildford with the loss mainly coming from fast breaks and lack of men against the 19 of the home team. The return fixture is already lining up to be a mouth watering affair.

MoM: Toby Jefferies – for his inspired performance getting MK back into the game. A big shout has to go to his Mum though who provided the team with some delicious cake after the game.

Mrs Jefferies – you’re more than welcome to come to any MK game you wish

DoD: Ben Amos – A hard choice as no MK player really put a foot wrong so unfortunately Ben got the award. Some would say harshly as he got cramp in his calf but reacted like he got shot with some of the MK players thinking he had died.

Other mentions should go to Ben Nightingale for dragging the ball right in front of the empty MK goal gifting a goal to Guildford

MK Squad
Patrick Land, Aaron Day, Ben Nightingale, Hugh (Brunel), Christian (Brunel), Corey Jamieson (vc), Ben Amos, Jonny Prince, Matt Sawyer, John (Toby’s Mate), Toby Jeffries, Brett Satchell, Jack Gambrill (c)

Game Stats
12:6 (3:1, 7:1, 9:1, 12:6)
MK Goals:
Toby Jeffries x 4
#88 Jack Gambrill
Corey Jamieson