Men’s Squad / Roster

When you join the club and want your own squad number, see what numbers are available here. A jersey number can be re-used if a player moves on and is unlikely to return. In most cases we’ll lock down a squad number for at least a season, after the out-going player has left, before allowing it be to re-allocated to a new player.

2017/18 Roster

1 {reserved for club uniforms}
2 {reserved for club uniforms}
3 DAY, Aaron
4 {reserved for club uniforms} 
5 AMOS, Ben
6 {reserved for club uniforms} 
7 VILLIERS, Nathan
8 PARKER, Alex
9 GOOCH, Rob
11 KELHAM, Rhys
12 {reserved for club uniforms} 
13 CB, Christian Brown
14 KITCHEN, Jake
15 {reserved for club uniforms} 
16 WEBBORN, Chris
17 HORBURY, John (transferred to Welwyn LC)
18 {reserved for club uniforms} 
19 {reserved for club uniforms}
20 EUERBY, Richard
21 {reserved for club uniforms}
22 BROOKES, Ben (plays in NEMLA)
23 PIM, Kyle
24 {reserved for club uniforms}
27 PRINCE, Jonathan
32 CUDDY, Giles (requested)
33 GARDNER, James
35 SATCHELL, Brett
36 BROWN, Steve
44 GENOSSAR, Danny (moved back to USA)
47 KENYON, Andy
77 BAINES, Nigel
99 BAINES, Ollie