Where we play

League fixtures and midweek evening training will be held on the astroturf field at Stantonbury Leisure  Centre beside the athletics stadium. The nearest car parking is off Soskin Drive. New for the 2019/20 season is a 3G field at Stantonbury with the minimal lacrosse field markings! 

Stantonbury Leisure Centre – Astroturf & Athletics Stadium
Soskin Drive, Stantonbury, Milton Keynes MK14 6DT (map)
Alternative car parking follow signs for Stantonbury Campus

Stantonbury Astroturf
Stantonbury Astroturf Field (and Athletics Stadium in background) – Picture will be updated to show the new 3G field soon!

Changing Rooms

Changing rooms for game days are on the ground floor of the Leisure Centre (see map below). The staff will let you through the barrier gates if you say you are playing lacrosse on the 3G. The changing rooms are also used for the leisure centre swimming pool so please leave them tidy when you leave, i.e. put your rubbish in the bin.  Please Note. Sometimes the gate between the 3G and the school is locked which means access to the changing rooms required a drive around the block, or a long walk. We are liaising with the leisure centre staff to improve accessibility to the changing rooms on game days.

Stantonbury Campus Map
Stantonbury Campus Map (click to enlarge)

Post Game Drinks and Pizza

After most home games we invite the opposition team down to the Blackened Sun Brewing Company in Stacey Bushes for a beer and pizza. The brewery is a short drive down the H3.

Blackened Sun Map
(click to enlarge)

Blackened Sun Brewing Company