Month: March 2015

Preview: SEMLA 6’s Tournament, Sat 25th April in Reading

Milton Keynes will again be attending the annual Southern League 6-a-side tournament, held in Reading, on Saturday 25th April. This year sees the tournament run with a new format. Out goes teams organised in 3 pre-defined divisions, based on their

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Men’s Lacrosse Quick Guide

This post has been sourced and updated from our friends at Spencer Lacrosse Club. Aim of the Game Simple: To score more goals than your opposition. A goal is scored by getting the ball into your opponents goal. All players

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New 2015 Club Logo

Club member, and graphic designer, Nathan Villiers has made us a new club logo for 2015. We are in the process of ordering some black hoodies with this new logo on the back so you should see those dotted around

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